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AnnMarie Valle, Chief Operating Officer

AnnMarie Valle our Chief Operating Officer. She has worked at Diversified for over 30 years. Initially employed as a file clear, she has worked in every department. Having that hands-on experience helped her to gain the knowledge that it takes to help oversee a company as large as Diversified.  As COO, she oversees the various departments and staff as well as assists in financial management, IT systems, prior authorizations, contract review, and policies and procedures for our 9 locations. She also helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our support staff as well as coordination and communication between vendors and staff. AnnMarie is also licensed as a Hearing Aid Dispenser and Notary.  

“I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. This area and the people in it mean a lot to me.  I enjoy giving back to the community by participating in hearing screening events that are free to the community, volunteering my time with the Kenmore Business Association and serving on their board for the past 10 years and I also sit on many professional advisory committees in the area.  I am committed to high professional and ethical standards; always ensuring the best possible care and treatment for our patients and employees”.

“In my downtime, I spend every minute that I can with my family whether it be at home or at one of their many sporting and dance events.  Raising my family in a strong, loving and caring community is of utmost importance to me and I feel that what we do at Diversified helps to accomplish just that”.


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