Speech, Voice, and Swallow Therapy

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Our speech & language therapy pathologists offer personalized speech, language, and swallowing therapy to individuals of all ages. Our therapists are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of mild disorders associated with illness or injury to severe deficits that diminish the quality of life. There’s never a wrong time to improve your communication skills. Our therapists are all professional and have years of experience with children and adults.

Speech therapy person by microphoneBenefits of Speech Therapy

The main goal of speech therapy is to improve communication. Throughout our sessions, our therapists can help improve speech muscles through strengthening exercises. We offer positive reinforcement and strive to help you or your loved one communicate more effectively.

Speech therapy can help improve your ability to understand and express your thoughts and feelings as well as improve your speech so you can become better understood by others. Beyond communicating, speech therapy can help improve swallowing functions, vocal quality, social skills, quality of life, greater self-esteem, and increased independence. Delaying speech therapy can hinder learning opportunities.

Speech Therapy for Children

Does your child have a hard time communicating or articulating sounds and words? Speech therapy could benefit your child. At Diversified Hearing Services, our pediatric speech and language therapists work with your child to help your child learn language and speech skills that are important for communication in their everyday life. Speech therapy can also work on feeding and swallowing problems that your child may be experiencing.


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